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ROFFEYS is convinced of the value of open-house viewings and it is a fact that we continue to sell increasing numbers of properties this way.

Open-house viewings represent a significant aspect of the array of successful marketing techniques ROFFEYS uses to the advantage of its clients.  We would normally conduct them on a Saturday, for the convenience of sellers and to ensure maximum marketing impact.

Some of the main advantages of this method of viewing may be summarised as follows:

  • Open-house viewings help to achieve the best possible price and often lead to offers well above the guide price, owing to the air of competition among potential buyers
  • Those viewing the property are made aware that other potential buyers are scheduled immediately to follow their viewing and this really focuses their decision
  • Open-house viewings  between given times on a specific day serve to reduce the disruption repeated viewings over a longer period may cause to the daily routine of sellers
  • Sellers have the opportunity to dress their homes only on one or two occasions for display to many viewers, rather than have to do so repeatedly with ad-hoc viewing arrangements over a longer period
  • Viewings at open-house events tend to create a sense of urgency between buyers and so considerably maximise offers. It is not unusual for multiple offers to be made within a very short time after the event
  • Many people prefer to view properties without the seller present and will often speak more openly about their interest in the property to the agent in attendance.
  • ROFFEYS employs a strict schedule of appointments for its open-house viewing days and the event will always be manned by a member of our experienced sales team throughout its duration. This allows for questions from potential buyers to be addressed and to ensure that viewings are conducted in an organised and secure way

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'As dedicated property professionals, Roffeys is proud to have served local communities throughout the towns and villages of West Essex and East Hertfordshire since 1988'

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