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Guide for Applicants/Tenants

At Roffeys Residential Lettings, we have a policy of being as open and fair as possible when dealing with applicant/tenant enquiries. Please ensure you read and understand the details outlined in this guide and for more information, ask one of our friendly lettings staff who will be pleased to assist.

Please note:

   •    Tenancies will be on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, unless agreed otherwise. All tenants and guarantors, where applicable, must be available to sign the relevant tenancy agreements prior to the commencement of the tenancy.

   •    All applications are subject to contract and will be dependent upon the receipt of satisfactory references and credit searches. Roffeys Residential Lettings (or the landlord) reserves the right to decline any application without disclosing a reason, nor entering into discussions relating to that decision.


Standard charges to applicants:

Administration/Referencing Charge: £240 including VAT, per applicant

Guarantor Charge: £240 including VAT, per applicant, as applicable

Limited Company Administration/Referencing Charge: £360 including VAT 

The charges above are payable at the outset of your application and are non-refundable.

Holding Deposit: £500 (or higher amount as required) payable at the outset of your application.  Should your application be successful, this will form part of the tenancy deposit and held subject to the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Applicants are respectfully requested to take careful note of other conditions applying to this holding deposit, which are:

i) should the landlord decide not to let the property to you, the deposit will be refunded to you in full

ii) following your application, should you decide not to proceed with your proposed tenancy, the holding deposit becomes entirely non-refundable. 


For each applicant we require:

i)   completed and signed Tenancy Application Form

ii)  completed Guarantor Form where applicable (guarantors must be UK based)

iii)  proof of ID and residency (original documents only)

Ideally, we would like you to call into our office where we can take copies.
Example proof of ID: valid passport, or photo driving license
Example proof of residency: recent (less than three months old) bank statement; council tax statement, or utilities bill. Mobile telephone bills are not acceptable.

Payment of advance rent and deposit for completion

Prior to completion, you will be required to make a payment of one month’s rent, in advance, together with the tenancy deposit equivalent of one month’s rent (or amounts as specified by the landlord), less any holding deposit already paid.

Payments must be cleared prior to the commencement of the tenancy. To avoid any possible delays, we suggest payment is made by either banker’s draft, cheque issued by a building society, debit card or credit card, or bank automated transfer. No personal, or company cheques will be accepted unless paid at least seven days in advance.  All cheques should be made payable to ROFFEYS

Please note, we DO NOT accept any payments in cash.

An invoice for the advance rent and tenancy deposit will usually be sent to you at, or before, the commencement of the tenancy.

Tenancy deposit

The tenancy deposit is usually equivalent to 1.5 calendar months rent (one and a half calendar month's rent), although a higher amount may be required by the landlord and will be held in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), unless otherwise stated.  This deposit is required to ensure that you fulfil your obligations under the terms of the tenancy agreement.  For example, any damage to the property, or its contents (including garden and outbuildings), unpaid bills and unpaid rent, or interest on any late rent payments, can be deducted from the deposit at the end of the term to compensate the landlord. Deposits should not be confused with rent payments.

Roffeys Residential Lettings is a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme which is a government approved scheme and administered by:

The Dispute Service Ltd

Phone:  0300 037 1000
Where Roffeys Residential Lettings is instructed to hold the tenancy deposit, we will do so in our designated client account as stakeholder and it will be safeguarded under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This means we cannot release it without the agreement of both the landlord and tenant, or by the order of a court.

You will receive formal notification that your deposit is registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme within fourteen days of the commencement of the tenancy. We do not make any charge to the tenant(s) for holding the deposit and no interest is payable.

Please bear in mind deposits cannot be returned until:

i)  you have paid all rent due
ii) you have vacated the property and returned all the keys
iii) the inventory/schedule of condition has been checked and a final inspection report made to the landlord
iv) any subsequent works or repairs have been completed and/or paid for
v)  all services and any other relevant bills have been paid
vi) the landlord signs a release authorisation.

We will endeavour to refund your deposit as soon as possible after the end of the tenancy, but this process can take up to ten working days from receiving written consent from both parties.  In the event of a dispute where agreement or compromise cannot be reached after ten working days, we will recommend the matter be referred to The Dispute Service Ltd who will normally issue an adjudication within fifteen working days of receiving all the necessary paperwork. 

Note: Where Roffeys is not acting as managing agents, we will not be involved in any correspondence regarding the inventory, or in any negotiations with the tenants for the return of the deposit. Under these circumstances, all correspondence and other negotiations must be directed to the landlord.


Inventory and schedule of condition

On taking possession of the property you should carefully check the inventory and schedule of condition to ensure it accurately reflects the condition of the property. You have seven days’ grace from the commencement of the tenancy to sign and return the inventory and schedule of condition and report back to the landlord (or Roffeys, if we are the landlord's managing agents) with any observations and/or discrepancies.

Monthly rental payments

Rent is payable monthly in advance by bank standing order (unless agreed otherwise). It is due on the day of the month corresponding with the date the tenancy commenced. Please ensure, at least two weeks prior to your rent due date following commencement, that your bank has set up the standing order for rent to be paid direct to the landlord (or Roffeys, if we manage the property on behalf of the landlord). Roffeys will provide you with the relevant bank details upon tenancy sign-up.

Utility suppliers

You will need to notify all utility suppliers (gas, electricity, telephone, water) of your requirement for supply and we suggest that you carry this out on the first day of occupation.  Details of the current utility suppliers will be provided to you upon tenancy sign-up.


Prior to the end of your tenancy you should arrange to have your mail redirected, as Roffeys is unable to forward it.

Renewing your tenancy

Providing the landlord is happy to renew the tenancy agreement, we will contact you normally within six weeks from the end of your tenancy to establish whether you wish to renew, or otherwise extend the tenancy for a further term. Should you decide to renew, we will draw up the appropriate paperwork and forward to you for signing.


We strongly recommend you insure all contents which are your own property. RentGuard Insurance is able to provide cover for your property, as well as cover for accidental damage to the landlord’s contents. Simply ask us for a proposal form, then complete the form and return direct to RentGuard Insurance. You can also complete the process online, just CLICK HERE 


Third party reference fee: £40 including VAT per reference request

Collating information and preparing a reference for a future landlord, letting agent or mortgagee.

Other Fees and Charges

Locksmith administration and attendance charge  £100 including VAT, plus cost of item

Change of joint/sharer tent - subject to landlord approval - £240 including VAT

Late rent payment reminder letter  £30 including VAT

Failed cheque or standing order payment  £30 including VAT

Missed management visit charge  £45 including VAT

Professional cleaning  From £40 including VAT, per hour (The cleaning charge will be deducted from the tenancy deposit)